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Month: July, 2017

Road to Happiness.

As I sat there in my car this morning admiring the colours of the sky, it occurred to me that maybe this is what happiness is. That feeling of pure satisfaction with yourself, with life. That feeling was short-lived, of course, but it allowed me to realise that perhaps I’ve slowly, but surely, started walking the path to discovering my happiness.

And this is where he comes in. This isn’t some cliche post saying that he is my happiness, but rather to make sense of the idea that happiness can be found in unique ways. He didn’t come into my life when I needed someone most. In fact, it was at a time that I didn’t really need someone to be there for me. It’s not like he helped me through some incredibly difficult time in my life or anything of that sort. What he gave me was his time and attention – something you cannot put a price on but just learn to appreciate anyway.

His positive and outgoing nature was what helped me. Actually, it distracted me from the things I usually worried about simply because I was alone and had nothing better to do with my time. I’m not the kind of person that can open up to people easily and so it took me a long time to trust him with things that are personal to me. But he waited. And that’s what mattered most. It wasn’t about having someone to share my issues with but simply just knowing that someone was there at all.

What I’m trying to say it that we don’t need big gestures or things of that sort. Happiness can’t be found overnight. It’s a long, and perhaps difficult, journey. But the journey is what matters most and it’s the little things that count. It’s just a matter of learning to appreciate these little things.

But most importantly, this is a thank-you to him just for being around even in silence.



We run from things that scare us, it’s instinctual. It’s supposed to act as a sort of survival function since the beginning of time, right? But what if this function also serves to prevent us from reaching our goals in life. There are always going to be obstacles in the way, big and small. Think of them as hurdles if you will. Hurdles that we have to jump in order to get to the finish line. Some of these hurdles cannot be overcome with just a jump. They are bigger than that, bigger than us, and it takes so much more effort. When confronted by such things, we can find ourselves turning away and running.

Our initial instinct should not be to run. Life should be about chasing. Chasing our dreams, chasing our goals, chasing anything and everything we want to achieve in life. I don’t want to look back one day with regret. I don’t want to wish I had done more, worked harder, to make it to where I dream to be. I don’t want to be in a place where I can say “I couldn’t make it happen”.

Running is not a solution to the hardships of life. We try to make excuses for running, but the truth is there is no real excuse. You can’t run from life. It will always run after you.

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